I help ambitious professionals who want to progress in their career

    but feel blocked or limited.


    I support career-changers who want to discover a career they love, and live more authentically aligned with their values, leading happier and more fulfilling lives.



    I work with established leaders who want to move past just goal achievement, and understand what is required of their leadership in times of uncertainty and complexity.


    I support new leaders who want to inspire teams, develop self-efficacy and high impact presence.




  • My Mission

    I am on a mission to walk alongside you and help you experience the freedom to be yourself, have the career you long for and develop as an authentic, successful career professional and leader.

    What is holding you back from finding a job or career that energises you, lets you work to your strengths, feeds your passion and aligns with your values?


    Do you feel that you lack a sense of congruence?

    Are you perhaps living the life that someone else wants you to live? Are you feeling unfulfilled, inauthentic and "stuck"?

    When you feel "stuck", it is so easy to say, I'll do something about it tomorrow or another day. The Power is in the Now- what we do now in the present moment is what matters.


    Who do you want to be as a leader?

    As a leader in today's VUCA economy, how you show up is subject to intense scrutiny. The Pandemic is proving to be a test not only of your leadership but also of your self-leadership; how well you know yourself, your strengths, your values. How self-aware you are and how you pace yourself will impact how you respond to challenges and the quality of your decision making.​


    I became a coach because I realised that I had a passion and skill for helping people understand themselves and have always loved helping people succeed. It is incredibly fulfilling to walk along side my clients and support them through my coaching and creativity in their powerful and transformational experiences.


    Throughout my career, I have helped many hundreds of different people at all stages of their careers; from university graduates to those in more established careers to career changers and those in leadership roles. I have worked with them to make sense of their lived experience, to be their best professional self and to get an authentic understanding of who they are, what they want to achieve and develop a focused plan to making it happen. 

    I can help you too.


    “There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” — Maya Angelou


    So what is your story?

    Many people don't stop and give themselves permission to pause and reflect on what is truly important to them, on where they really want to be. Life happens; they fall into careers or careers fall onto them. They typically end up feeling stuck, dissatisfied and fake. Covid-19 has changed that dynamic and made us all pause and take stock.


    As your coach, I will help you on your personal journey; challenging your thinking and assumptions opening up new perspectives for you, helping you connect the dots of your personal and authentic career narrative. The coaching work we will do together will help you to identify and develop the skills you need, find your own solutions and take ownership of your decisions moving forward to achieve your goals.


    What do your personality, dreams and hopes say about you?



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    My Coaching Approach

    I believe people are multidimensional and complex and use a variety of coaching models and tools to work with my clients in order to assist effective exploration and deeper understanding; I never put people into boxes. I believe that a person's Career is a unique facet of their life and identity and I love helping people tell their story.

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    My coaching style is holistic, and challenging, emphathetic and warm yet focused

    As a Career & Executive Coach, I will work collaboratively with you to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to think deeply and express yourself freely. I act as a sounding board to reflect back your thinking, gently challenging and unpacking assumptions. I can help you gain insight into what drives you and any unhelpful patterns of behaviour which may be holding you back.

    I will help you think differently about your situation to better serve yourself, expand your possibilities, act more effectively and design the future you want.

    I use creativity to go work with you at a deeper level to help you explore unconscious drivers, unhelpful emotions that may be blocking you and keeping you "stuck".


    I will open up a deeper conversation and connection to help you peel away the layers, crafting a story around what has led you to where you are today, and how you can align yourself with what you want to be part of in the future.

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    You are the architect and the author of your story- no one else. 


    You may not know exactly what you want to achieve at the start, but goals can emerge organically in the coaching work. This involves getting you to look at things from different and unexpected perspectives - I coach indoors, and outdoors in Nature. Fear and assumptions can keep you tethered to a comfort zone and stop you exploring new opportunities and generating new ideas.Any tools or techniques I may use are designed to get you to think in new and different ways.



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    Inviting Nature into the Coaching Experience

    I coach indoors, but I may also offer clients an invitation to experience coaching outdoors.

    There is a wealth of scientific research underpinning the positive benefits and impact of being outdoors in Nature. It reduces stress and cognitive overload, is a catalyst for more creative and divergent thinking, improves mental, emotional and physical well-being. Diverse environments and landscapes boost new ways of thinking and provide new experiences.


    Coaching in Nature is always based on client preferences, comfort levels and contracting. It is an invitation to walk or sit together outdoors in Nature, or to be together virtually outside in Nature in separate geographic locations. It can include bringing Nature indoors working with Natural objects, using the Nature you can see through a window, a solitary intention walk where you walk and sit in Nature carrying a question you want insight into. It can involve being outside in green and blue urban spaces, or more especially, being out in more open landscapes, seascapes and soundscapes.


    However you invite nature into the coaching experience, reconnecting with Nature is a powerful way to get out of your head and drop into your body, reconnecting with yourself psychologically, somatically and emotionally so that any decisions or insights you make are more integrative, systemic and holistic.


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  • My Coaching Credentials

    Experienced Coach Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) whose code of Ethics I follow.

    Qualified Coach in the theory, models and practice of coaching.

    Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching

    MSc in Coaching Psychology

    Certified Business Coaching Psychologist CBCP

    ChrisLin Method Creativity in Coaching Practitioner

    Member of the Association of Business Psychologists ABP

    British Psychological Society Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) .

    Affiliate member of British Psychological Society Division of Coaching Psychology

    Experienced workshop facilitator and trainer



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    Anna Gordon

    Career & Executive Coach

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    Certified Business Coaching Psychologist

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    Experienced Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Why Coaching?

    Life today can leave many people feeling “stuck”, unsatisfied and unsure about what they really want or how to achieve it.

    Are you looking for clarity in your life and your career?

    If nothing were an obstacle, what results would you like to create within the next 2, 3 or 6 months?



    I can work with you to help you:


    - Be creative and inspired in your thinking

    - Connect with your inner strengths and resources

    - Understand what is required of your Leadership in the context of uncertainty and complexity

    - Work out what you authentically want and what you need to do first so you do not feel overwhelmed

    - Identify and then refine realistic options and professional goals

    - Help put together SMART Goals and an action plan to help you succeed


    I help my clients reassess their career and leadership choices so that they can discover their unique path to career freedom and achieve an inspired and authentic professional life.


    "Simply put, Coaching is where you work with someone to connect with yourself, redesign your environment and your life, and then take action to implement it!"

    - Emma-Louise Elsey



  • Work with me

    My coaching programmes are for individuals and organisations.

    • Established Leaders who wants to see themselves more clearly, identify blind spots and learn new ways to respond
    • Aspiring Leaders who want to explore who they are as a Leader and master Executive Presence to progress in their career
    • People who want to move from chaos to clarity and purpose in their career
    • Ambitious Professionals who want to raise their visibility and profile
    • People in Career Transition who want to explore their options
    • Early Careers


    Coaching is a real investment in yourself and your future and you should take time deciding on how it can help you.

    Great Coaching also requires a willingness on your part and good chemistry with your coach.

    • A free initial 15 minute clarity call ; a discovery consultation session by phone to see how we might work together, to discuss your goals and see how we can work towards achieving those.
    • I can offer a range of bespoke Programmes or ad hoc sessions tailored to your unique needs.
    • Based in the UK, I work with clients internationally.


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    If you could write a new story, what would it be? 

    “If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”
    ― Robert Fritz,


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    As a Leader, do you want to:

    -Move past goal achievement to working with uncertainty and complexity?

    -Explore relationships and connections that influence your organisation?

    -Discover how you are influenced by the systems and people who surround you?

    -Do you want to develop as a Leader that contributes and inspires teams?

    -Are you looking for insight in working with challenging relationships?

    -Do you want to boost your Emotional Intelligence?


    Do you want honesty, trust and to be challenged in your thinking?

  • Build Your Career Capital


    • Do you want to build an authentic Personal Brand that raises your professional visibility?
    • Are you hoping to discover a career that meshes with your Values and sense of Purpose?
    • Are you a graduate just starting out?
    • Do you want to supercharge your CV & Interview confidence?

  • Career & Coaching Services

    Currently via Zoom, Skype & Telephone

    What challenges are you facing right now?

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    One to one intensive Coaching to develop self-efficacy; high impact presence; influencing skills; decision-making skills, growth mind-set; resilience; ability to learn from feedback; and the ability to delegate and work through others.

    Your time commitment:
    6 hours spread over over 6-8 weeks

    Enhance your Leadership and Executive presence with some personal reflection, practice and coaching.
    View more details...
    Personal Branding Coaching

    Personal Branding Coaching

    What makes you unique? Leveraging the power of your personal brand can lead to a better job, better contacts and clients for your company, recognition in your industry, being seen as a thought leader in your sector and so much more.
    Intensive one to one programme designed to explore your USP, career narrative, networking strategy and online presence.
    This intensive programme requires focus and commitment and is not for anyone who is not ready to give 100%. Your success will depend on it!.

    Your time commitment : 1 x 4 hour session or 2 x 2 hour sessions

    Group Masterclass Workshop available
    View more details...
    Clarity Coaching Package

    Clarity Coaching Package

    4-hours of coaching (face to face or on Zoom/Skype) to enable you to reboot your thinking, and start moving forwards with your career aspirations.
    This package is for you if you want to get help recognising what motivates you, what gives you energy, what your skills and values are, where you function at your best in terms of the people who surround you and the environment you are in and ways of working.

    Your time commitment: 4 hours spread over 1 month or half a day
    2-hour initial session, 2 x 1-hour follow up sessions. *This package can also be taken as a half-day intensive
    View more details...
    Transformation Package for Career Changers

    Transformation Package for Career Changers

    The transformation process does not just rely on your logical mind. It also touches on your intuition, your experiences, your beliefs.

    Intensive package for people who want to deep dive and connect with their authentic career transition story in a short period of time. Collaboratively, we will design a career action plan for you to follow, working though discovery, focus and reality testing. The aim of this package is explore any blocks holding you back and help you decide what it is you want.

    Your time commitment: 6 sessions over 2 months
    View more details...
    Interview Success Coaching

    Interview Success Coaching

    I have prepared hundreds of people at all stages of their career for interview and will help you polish your interview technique, manage interview nerves and prepare for the many kinds of interview formats and questions you can expect.

    Your Time Commitment: 4 one hour sessions or 1 four hour session. Includes a Personalised Action Plan and a mock interview.

    - Group Masterclass Bookings available
    View more details...
    Success in your Job Hunting

    Success in your Job Hunting

    Success in your Job Hunting Intensive one to one coaching:
    Topics covered: effective job hunting strategies, accessing the hidden job market, how to use social media platforms in your job search, understanding what employers look for.
    Personalised Action plan & CV review*

    Your time commitment: 4 x 1 hour sessions over 6-8 weeks

    Group Masterclass Workshops available as well as one-off CV, Application, LinkedIn Profile Reviews

    View more details...
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    HypnoCoaching organically and holistically combines Coaching and Hypnotherapy techniques to help you deal with stress and burnout, achieve your goals and make the deeper changes you want.


    As well as being an experienced coach, I am also a certified Hypnotherapist and offer HypnoCoaching to support my clients. HypnoCoaching works with both what is within your conscious awareness but also with what is outside of your conscious awareness. If you have had self-development work before but find yourself eventually repeating the same negative, self-sabotaging behaviours, thinking and patterns, working at a deeper subconscious level may be what helps you make the positive changes you need; that is after all where your beliefs, drivers and emotions sit.


    To find out more about my HypnoCoaching Services, and how Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis can increase motivation and boost the development of new, healthier thinking, habits and behaviours, please visit my sister site https://www.annagordonhypnocoach.com/

  • Psychometric Tests


    NEO-PI-3 Personality Inventory


    If you could learn more about yourself, wouldn’t you want to do that?

    Personality profiling can help you discover your typical ways of behaving, thinking, feeling or perceiving and help you address issues regarding communication, decision making, problem solving and influencing.




    The NEO-PI-3, the latest edition of the gold-standard questionnaire measure of the Five Factor Model (FFM), provides a detailed personality description that can be a valuable resource for a variety of professionals. The NEO-PI-3 is a concise measure of the five major domains of personality, as well as the six traits or facets that define each domain.


    Test administration + one to one report walk through and points for development feedback - 2 hour session.



  • Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” (Anais Nin)

  • Who I have worked with

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    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy:

    Early Talent Programme

    Impact Programme


    broken image

    Birkbeck College, University of London

    Your Career Development Credit bearing Module Lead

    Career Coaching Programme

    Graduate Summer Programme

    Summer Bootcamp

    Mentoring Pathways Programme

    School of Arts Programme

    Ability Programme

    Upskill Programme



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    UAL Central St Martins MBA Programme with Birkbeck

    MBA Coaching & Workshops


    broken image

    UCL Astrea Women's Network


    broken image

    The Coaching Pod


    broken image

    JS Group

    Portal Careers lead


  • Testimonials


    "When it comes to supporting, guiding, encouraging and enabling people Anna is a real natural. Anna has first class people skills and has a warmth and effortless way of connecting with people that's both natural and honed by years of experience. She is personable, professional, proactive, insightful, thoughtful."

    Rasheed Ogunlaru



    "I highly recommend Anna for career development and coaching expertise. I first worked with Anna as the Career Coach during my MBA and my experience was so good that I returned to work with Anna as a private client when I hit some personal development barriers. Anna's calmness, patience, and insightful nature combine to bring out the best in you in a safe space. With Anna, you get the opportunity to explore your challenges and it's down to you to put in the work to develop. Anna's methods are creative and empowering as you are placed in the driving seat of your growth. Anna provides practical advice and the tasks she sets for you are very rewarding, especially when revisited in different scenarios. If you seek growth and development as a leader, work with Anna." Charles-Augustus Nas-Omogiafo, FRSA, MBA 



    "I have really enjoyed working with Anna during our coaching sessions. I received some amazing insights that have literally changed my life. I am now studying a course I love and I know that career wise I am now on the right path for me. Thank you Anna." - T.T



    "I have had a very productive day acting on decisions,so I feel a real sense of achievement. Thank you for helping me work towards making this something I can do!" - A.M



    "Thanks Anna, I arrived fresh from a very unproductive day, which left me feeling deflated with low self-esteem. Your session made me laugh, engaged my brain in new ways of thinking about the day's predicaments, and even encouraged me to start writing again." -



    "You helped me adjust my mindset and reframe my answers - and made me think about myself in a way no-one ever has!"- S.E



    "Anna's interactive presentation was very informative and interesting. She threw up lots of ideas and made the participants think." -



    "Thanks so much again for a really interesting session this afternoon. You’ve reminded me what it was I used to love about running workshops! That ability to inspire people to think about the shape of their own future, and tell their own story." -



    " I would like to thank you for your helpful advice going into the interview. I was prepared, relaxed and able to answer all the questions with ease following our discussion." - A.S



    "Many thanks for your detailed feedback. My mock interview with you earlier and then your detailed feedback really helped me during my telephonic interview with ..... and to secure a face to face interview today. Many thanks for all your time and support. Much appreciated!" - S.K



    "Anna was excellent at turning my CV from a long, four page monologue (that was turning Recruiters away from me at first sight!) to a snappy two-page winner.

    As a result, I have had multiple offers from a number of jobs and internships. I start my new job next week!

    So, thanks again!" - K.



    "So, thank you once again for helping me to see my skills and abilities as real value which previously I brushed aside as 'just something I can do'." - I.A






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