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What Is Emotional Intelligence And Why Should You Care About It?

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and career success

EQ is seen as a strong predictor of career success. Why? Because it means that you have self-awareness, are able to recognise and manage your emotions and those of other people. It also means you have a high degree of empathy and social competence with the ability to create and maintain relationships and rapport with a wide variety of people whilst being keenly aware of how you impact others. Technical knowledge and a high IQ will only take you so far in your career; a strong EQ is also needed. If your technical skills are the building blocks of your career, your EQ ,is expressed through your soft skills, are the cement which binds it all together.

It is something that comes naturally to some people but is also something that you can work at and develop over time.

EQ and Leadership

Employers look for high EQ in candidates , especially for leadership roles. High EQ is an indicator of great communications skills, interpersonal skills, resilience and the ability to handle ambiguity and failure in a positive way. We have all known ineffective or toxic leaders and one of the core things they all lack is strong EQ. Leaders need to be present, offer transparency, accountability, and model resilience.

This pandemic has caused unique crises for all business sectors and in this Covid-19 Economy, how you show up as a leader and are able to communicate with remote teams, providing psychological safety, empathy and focused leadership is key. In times of ambiguity, you need to be present, make agile decisions, communicate clearly and consistently what needs to happen, be comfortable pivoting when things go wrong. Show your compassion for your Team's needs and understanding for the fact that their world has changed too in many different ways.

Authentic leadership means being confident in leveraging the value and talents of your team by delegating and see how people step up to the challenge allowing you to focus on strategic priorities. Emotionally Intelligent leaders also practice self-care and self -leadership.You cannot pour from an empty cup; before you can manage anyone else, you need to be able to manage and lead yourself.

Supercharge your communication skills

Above all, emotionally intelligent people know how to communicate and that words have power, and that the right words in the right context can affect profoundly.This is something all great writers and speakers know at a visceral level. Mark Twain said that when you come across one of these” intensely right words… the resulting effect is physical as well as spiritual, and electrically prompt...” In that shared moment, your words impact the listener in fundamental ways. Do you agree? What do you think your words are saying about your EQ?

If you are interested in working with me on on developing your EQ and making your EQ a key part of your Leadership and Personal Brand in 2021, reach out for a conversation.