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Rash career choices

Loving what you do and cold reality

Have you ever found yourself in a job feeling vaguely dissatisfied and wondering what you were doing there? Steve Jobs famously said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Loving your job, being happy in your work is something we all aspire to in one way or another. It energises and inspires us.

The cold reality is that often bills and mortgages, people who rely on us often make the choice for us. We then find ourselves crystallised into a certain professional persona and drawn along a particular career pathway, into a particular often negative way of working without realising it.

The toll of rash choices

Rash career choices may eventually come back to haunt us physically as well as emotionally; take a long hard look at how happy you are and what you prioritise. What should you perhaps stop doing because of their toxic effect. How happy are you in your current way of working? What kind of impact is it having on you? Do you feel that you are fulfilling your true potential?

If the answer is no- What positive actions can you take?

How do you cope with making bad career decisions?
Don't beat yourself up about your choices, but do be proactive and take responsibility for your decisions reflecting on the context and why you made that particular choice.

Then really spend time getting to know your values, strengths, preferences and interests. Invest time in yourself - this needs to be a deep dive, skimming the surface will not get the results you want or need.

Then armed and fortified with this knowledge, focus on the future and what you are doing to move yourself forward. Harness the power of now - the only moment that is real is the moment that is right now - start making positive choices that will uplift you and leave you feeling positive and happy to be living this moment.