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Everyone has them and everyone wants others to respect them

I recently attended a fascinating, creative experiential coaching workshop on the topic of Boundaries and Intuition. It made me reflect on boundaries and how almost everything in our lives revolves around boundaries of one kind or another. Some are more fluid, others are more rigid, but they all feed an emotional, physical or professional need.

Liminal Spaces

Then there are the liminal spaces that exist in-between boundaries; between here and there, between the known and unknown. This is where I believe coaching sits. Coaching is a liminal process, an immersive transition space where something new can happen - a threshold space between where you are now and where you want to be . A place where you can pause, rest and think, where you can open doors to new perspectives, new thinking and can challenge boundaries.

Time and energy

Your time and energy are finite - do you see them that way? Do you feel able to hold, set and manage boundaries? Your life and career are being impacted by what you say yes to and no to on a daily basis. Weak boundaries can lead to burnout, whilst rigid ones can lead to lack of creativity and vision. How do you go about setting them, so they serve your motivations, thoughts and, feelings? Being more mindful and self-aware will help you respond and manage them where you need most.

Being present

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives today including our career. For many people work travels with them encroaching on their personal lives. Todays 24/7 culture means we are always on, always connected. Other people are constantly breaching our boundaries, often with the expectation that you will respond immediately. If you are responding to someone else’s agenda, are you really fully present, engaged with your own life, your own career? Someone else’s priorities have infiltrated your personal space and you may feel that you are losing your locus of control.

Saying no

Which boundaries are necessary, and which are not?

"No" may be a small word but it's certainly powerful. Do you need to start saying no to what you don’t have the capacity to handle? Have you fallen into achievement addiction in a job you may not even like? It’s up to you to set your own boundaries.

Trusting your intuition

Trust your intuition regarding your boundaries. Pay attention to yourself, trust yourself to make decisions and commit to them – healthy boundaries will act as a compass helping you make space for new opportunities; you’ll be more effective and productive in what you do and your boundaries will be more aligned with what you need, giving you more courage to be yourself.

If you need help exploring how your boundaries show up in your career, get in touch.